In 2014, Heinz Weyringer, director of the RING AWARD competition (Graz), and Albrecht Thiemann, editor of the international opera magazine OPERNWELT (Berlin) initiated a new award for music theatre – the MORTIER AWARD. It is named after the late Gerard Mortier, Belgian opera and festival director, who was the first laureate.

The MORTIER AWARD honours personalities who are devoted in an exemplary way to a form of music theatre that is in touch with our times. A type of music theatre “that reflects and discusses the history of the genre, spanning more than four centuries, as a source of existential experience. A music theatre that imagines a future. A music theatre that plays an active role in public discourse and civil society, addressing urgent issues for local communities and society in general. The MORTIER AWARD does not promote a particular type of aesthetics, artistic practice or professional group. It encourages innovation and a risk-taking attitude to make the impossible possible. It is underpinned by an intellectual ethos that focuses on key questions of the human condition: Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? And, above all: Why are we doing what we do? In this sense the MORTIER AWARD calls for a permanent renewal of opera – its aesthetics, artistic practice and institutional structures – as well as the idea that opera should regain an ear- and eye-opening, up-to-date relevance which was, to a large extent, lost in the twentieth century. The MORTIER AWARD reminds us of the necessity of artistic innovation and taking risks.”

The MORTIER AWARD will be presented every two years. As a new addition, it now also features a YOUNG ARTIST AWARD.

Musical theatre in touch with our times is dynamic, on the move by definition – and so will be the mental profile of the MORTIER AWARD and the YOUNG ARTIST AWARD – always open to fresh ideas and visions.

The second recipient of the MORTIER AWARD is Markus Hinterhäuser, Laudator Peter Sellars.

Click here for the video clip (6:30 min)  of the MORTIER AWARD 2017.

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