And the award goes to ...



EUR 1.000
Audience Prize

EUR 2.500
Recognition fee for each of the semifinals teams


“RING AWARD 2017 – Province of Styria Prize”
€3,000, including an offer from OPER GRAZ for a stage production with stage design at one of the stages of Bühnen Graz, decided by the RING AWARD Jury

“City of Graz Prize”
€3,000, decided by the Theatre Jury

Recognition Free
€7,000, for each of the three finals teams


Additional prizes of offers for stage productions are awarded by the following theatres and operas:

Semperoper Dresden prize, awarded by the designated director, Peter Theiler

Two Theater an der Wien prizes, awarded by the director, Roland Geyer

Staatstheater Cottbus prize, awarded by the director, Martin Schüler

Opéra et Orchestre National Montpellier prize, awarded by the director, Valérie


Deutscher Oper Berlin prize, awarded by the director, Dietmar Schwarz

Operá de Lyon prize, awarded by the director, Serge Dorny

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe prize, awarded by the director, Peter



The juries are entitled not to award prizes. Recognition fees are paid at any circumstance.